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It was supposed to be a simple off-realm assignment, not whatever this was...

It’s supposed to be a relaxing change from the constant rotations in Nevarah. A disaster site is perfect for using my element and getting a chance to make some new friends, bleed off some excess magic and maybe clear my head a little bit. 

It’s really strange that no one seems to care about the lack of magical safety protocols. I don’t want to get in the way, but none of this is safe and I don’t see how it’s sustainable. No one wants to listen and I don’t know anyone here. Should I keep my mouth shut? Or should I say something? Because I don’t want to get kicked out of rotation. 

Especially not when they need my help. I just wish I wasn’t seeing things now…

Shadows Fumble is Book 2 in the Shadow Coven : Madison Kuroe series, featuring Shadow Healer Madison Kuroe learning about life, love and just how deep her Shadow Element runs. 


They weren't supposed to keep him, but now there's no other choice...

As Ian opens up a little bit to his new rescuers, Ryker's Bane struggles to find information and balance the fine line between worried guardians and professional blades for hire.


Complications arise when Ian's mysterious origins lead to an unexpected outcome. Ian's new changes require all of them to work together, especially Maury, who can't help falling even deeper into his protective instincts.


Helping Ian through this rite of passage may seal his fate with Ryker's Bane, but leaving it to chance is far too dangerous now.

Episode 3 is part of the Ryker's Bane Adventures serial, featuring installments of an epic fantasy adventure featuring accidental teenager acquisition, found family, and Gheyos who did not expect to become parents, but are sure trying their best!


Neil would just like to catch a break, thank you very much...

Neil struggles to wrap his head around everything happening with the Carlsons' and the Grimfellow attack on the station. As Healer Landon helps him heal, it seems larger stakes are now at hand.


Mariana and her illustrious Circle continue their strange hunt for the mysterious being hidden in the station, but each new discovery paints their quarry in a disturbing light.


With Claudia's worries bringing new threats to the surface, it's clear that Neil will have to find a way to get to safety. Will Ben help? Or will other options override his precarious situation?

Episode 17 is part of the second season of The Dragel's Song, featuring episodic installments of an epic fantasy adventure that spans across realms as three lonely hearts learn to find love and build a future. 


Honestly, Jilton was just trying to get through breakfast, not find a dead body on the doorstep...

Cozy bookstore? Check! Grumpy Bonded? Check! Crazy curse? Oops!


Adri, Jilton and Marlin just want to lay low and enjoy the hard-won result of hiding in plain sight. But a mysterious curse might force them out of hiding right back into the life they’ve tried to leave behind. 


Can they handle things quietly? Or will unraveling this curse, undo them all?  

The Cursed Gift is Book 1 in the new books-and-cursed-magic mystery series, featuring new types of magic, a little bit of hidden intrigue and a grumpy triad that is just perfect for each other, in the Cursed Bookstore Mysteries


Jackson's in for a wild ride as he joins Auriel's chaotic adventure on Orusia...

Stranded on Orusia with no real way or excess magic to get herself back home, Auriel makes the most of her budding romance with her new Bonded, Jackson. Their tentative connection is threatened by the looming dangers chasing Ilandria and her bodyguards across the realm.


With Auriel's magic growing unstable and Jackson joining their little group, things take a turn for the worse when the Trackers catch up to them. Can Jackson protect his new love? Will Auriel be able to stand with him and her new friends? Or will she have to choose?

Stranded On Orusia is Book 2 in the angsty, off-realm, soulbond romance series, Beyond This Realm!


Kei has new problems and Loren can't seem to help...

Kei's still processing the midnight attack and none of his questions have answers. His reaction seems extreme until it's proven that Danya's spellsong has lingering effects. He wants to help, but no one seems to need it…

Loren needs to be deep underwater, preferably with his claws in the idiot who dared to attack Kei on his territory. It won't be pretty and it's making his temper worse. Can he get to the bottom of things or has he pushed everyone away?

At Fourth Bloom is Book 4 in the cozy slow-burn romance series, Hidden Blooms!


If my luck could just keep it together for one single week...

Possible Rogue Spirit on the loose? Yes. Soulbond acting up again? Yes. Accidental kidnapping with the soulmate he’s already rejected? Also, yes. 


Ryder doesn’t need any more complications where Soula Deveraine is concerned. Unfortunately, his enemies don’t care about that. Between juggling the ongoing investigation, his information network’s breakdown and Soula’s recent attempts to help—he’s got his claws full. Too full to do anything about the incoming threat. 


Soula’s not sure she can keep on ignoring the changes between her potential soulmates and the increasing unease from the side effects of Ryder’s investigations. When her normal workday is turned upside down because of him—things might not be so simple ever again. 


Can he accept Soula’s help? Or will her presence make everything worse? Can she accept what he has to offer? Or will her heart shatter for good this time?

Sorrowful Sands is Book 4 in the Soula Deveraine Series!


Bail Myrane out of Jail. Grab Dinner. Do NOT punch that jerk where it hurts...

Caiden and Lucian take a quick trip to the downtown holding cells to rescue Myrane from a soulmate incident.


Their simple outing turns into an eventful afternoon in Merrow city, where Lucian is sweetly charmed by Caiden’s patient explanations and gentle affection. 


But when Crimson Tide shows up with an unexpected guest, a simple theft might hold the key to unlocking deeper secrets and mysteries…

Fresh In Water is Book 3 in the Azure Spiral Series!


Two Friends. One Choice. Same Result...

I don’t want to stay quiet about what they say and what they’re doing, but there’s no point in talking about it anymore. My training is almost done and all I have to do is suck it up a little longer. What’s a bit of blood and bone, if I never have to come back after I get out? 


Priya just needs to survive the last section of her Gheyo training in the Joker section. But the expected hazing turns cruel and she’s helpless to save herself when it comes crashing down around her ears. Sometimes, staying silent costs more than speaking up. 


Jamie would do anything for her best friend. They are friends. Good friends. And good friends should always stick together, no matter what. Blood, bone and magic don’t always bridge the gap..


Can two friends find a way to protect each other? Or will the circumstances surrounding them push them further apart?

Thrice Charmed is Book 1 in the Gheyo Mystery series, The Jesters Court!


Kei has a new friend and Loren has new worries...

Danya is teaching Kei about all sorts of Merrow lore and local gossip. Things are going great! He loves feeling normal, right up until he realizes the price of letting his guard down...

Loren's trying not to hover and sort of doing a good job of it. Maybe. He keeps busy with the shop instead of thinking about how much he wants to protect his new houseguest—and what he'd do to keep him safe. 

Thinking of each other, even though this is all so new, can Kei and Loren grow closer together? Or will this new fright set them at odds with each other?

At Next Bloom is Book 3 in the cozy slow-burn romance series, Hidden Blooms!


Looking from afar? Or loving her up close?

It's just a little push. What's the harm? Things would be so much easier, if we were just Bonded...

We're already soulmates. I checked..



Dahlia’s carefully planned life is turned upside down thanks to a soulscream from her soulmate, Shayla Imaldis. They have a history together and it’s pushing at the fragile new walls of their new relationship.

Between missing soulmates, silencing oaths and secrets they can’t share with each other—it looks like their happily ever after will take a lot more than just a little bit of work. Can two guarded hearts find happiness together? Or will this new reality tear them apart? 

Clue To Her Lost Shadow is Book 1 in the Legacy of The Black Dahlia Series!


A little bit of pining, a dash of restlessness...

Following the migratory routes from my pod days? Easier said than done! When did it get so hard to just explore and have a good time? 

Seriously, all I need is a little breathing room...



Deva's had enough of feeling alone in a crowd. After three years at the World's End B&B, she ventures out on her own in the dead of night. Stumbling into a sleepy little town with friendly faces and familiar haunts from her old days, Deva tries to find a new normal. 

But when Aida shows up and things start skewing sideways, she can't shake the feeling that something sinister is happening just out of sight. Can she figure it out without putting her life on the line? Or will she give up on the truth—and her heart's true desire?

Deva's Call is Book 4 in the Lost Children of the Merrow Series!


One Island. Four dragels. Add ghosts. Oops...

Returning to Nevarah for a quick stopover? Yes! Possible island paradise vacation? YES, PLEASE! Another ghost lurking in the sand and surf? Not again-!

A real vacation seems like a thing of myth and wish, but three's the charm, right? Besides, Valprys is such a cute and charming little island, it couldn't possibly be haunted, right? RIGHT?!

Seriously, what do I need to do to have an actual vacation around here?


Newly bonded Storm Submissive Violet Morgane stops over in Nevarah on her way to vacation attempt #3, the lovely Valprys Island.

But the island paradise seems too good to be true and everything's just a little bit off-kilter. When ghosts start appearing and things stop adding up, Violet and her Bonded scramble to keep up.  

Can they unravel this new mystery together?

Valprys Shore is Book 3 in the Haunted Hearts Series!


It starts with frosted blankets and cold soup...

Kei is now a guest at Loren’s cozy little cottage tucked away in a place where no one can quite get to them. Except, maybe, the grumpy Gheyo overseeing his witness protection detail and some very determined water sprites. 


Between Loren’s generous hospitality and his own overflowing emotions, Kei is drawn even closer to him, unable to help but find Loren a steady grounding presence in his changing life. 


Is there actually something there? Or is he just imagining it? 

At Next Bloom is Book 2 in the cozy slow-burn romance series, Hidden Blooms!


Every choice has a consequence...

Neil suffers through the consequences of an improper Blood Magic spell cast, enduring the necessary, but reluctant help from Healer Landon. Spencer and Kendall hover anxiously, as Healer Landon works to save Neil’s hands and shares some startling news as well. 

Unable to stay in the Medbay with him, Dexter and Renee hurry home with news of their investigative side trip. Something dark and dangerous is in Noir Academy—and it’s starting to show at the corners. 

Will Neil be able to protect himself and his friends? Or will one mistake cost him everything?

Episode Fourteen is Book 2 in the second season of a space academy adventure serial, The Dragel's Song!


One Roommates. Two meltdowns. One perfect opportunity...

Maintaining her healer status is an increasing struggle as Madison slogs through her required training classes for the next healer rank.


There's so much to learn and so little time for herself or her roommate. As disasters pile up, burn-out catches up and her world tips sideways. A Healer who can't heal themselves has no business healing. 

Can she find a way to get back on track? Or will her dreams crumble into the shadows—just like everything else?

Shadows Crumble is Book 1 in the new series, Shadow Coven: Madison Kuroe.


Lots of plants. Two ponds. One guest.

Falling off an air lift in mid-transport is not the worst thing Kei's endured. 

But it is the worst part of Loren's day, because a landwalker in his precious garden pond is definitely not good. 

Kei's a nervous guest and Loren's fighting the protective instincts insisting that he keep safe. Together, they start to gravitate towards each other. 

Will Kei's secrets come out or will Loren have room for one special guest?

At First Bloom is Book 1 in the new series, Hidden Blooms!


Merrow City. Meeting the family. All aboard for sibling drama!

Merrow life is fascinating and confusing for newly soulbonded land-transplant, Lucian. Awed by the underwater cities and culture, he's barely keeping up with the newness of it all. 

When Caiden introduces his family and starts with the courting gifts, Lucian has to catch up in a hurry.


Can he accept more when his heart is already overflowing?


And why is Caiden’s sister so terrifying?!

Under The Water is Book 2 in the Azure Spiral Series!


One grumpy Pareya. One recalled favor. Pure chaos

Garren doesn’t understand how he wound up escorting Soula to the Exhibition Hall for the famed Botanical Gardens Event, in addition to his own entry, he’s hiding the truth of an experimental antidote for Lady Arsenic.


Soula knows that requesting a favor means it can be recalled at the worst time—and it is. She has hundreds of better things to do than let Carson boss her around as a temporary tour guide. Except—Garren is the one ‘porting her back and forth and maybe, he’s not so bad after all. 


But he doesn’t seem interested in courting her at all and his shadows—scare her. How can she court an uninterested Pareya without giving in to the need to rewind every interaction they have?


Can she sort things out on her own? Or will rewinding her problems fix everything? 

Shifting Sands is Book 3 in the Soula Deveraine Series!


One Empath Submissive. Several Cursed Swords. One orphaned teenager in need of a home...

Maury is not ready to be a parent, but he can't ignore the parental feelings surfacing now that he's taken Ian under his wing. Wrestling his feelings while wrangling his Bonded will take all of his focus if he wants to do this properly. 

An Alpha's burden is far from easy and Ryuusen knows this first-hand as his Circle disperses to work out the frustration and overwhelm from their latest assignment. If he doesn't step up and take charge, they might all pay the price—including Ian. 

Episode 2 of  A Tender Light, is the first in a new Gheyo-centric Series, featuring the Ryker's Bane Circle!


One escaped researcher-turned-specimen. One odd Merrow Family Pod. A hidden conspiracy of creature hunters continues...

Keeping up with the laboratory's growing workload is a nightmare for Taki. He's tired of feeling helpless and hiding his secrets. When orders from higher up come knocking at his workstation—things fall apart and Taki falls with them. 

With his world crumbling down around his ears, Taki clings to the only out he has. Giving up everything he's worked for might save his life. But falling has always had its consequences and he's in for a hard landing. 

Taki's Fall is Book 3 in the Lost Children of The Merrow Series!


One Festival. Three dragels. Add ghosts. Oops...

Amazing new Alpha and Beta? Yes. Editing deadline for my newly accepted project? A pain, but worth it! Being volunteered as a replacement guest-speaker at an off-realm storytelling festival? No, thank you

It was supposed to be a simple lecture with the promise of a good writing atmosphere and paid rooms for the entirety of the festival. There’s the just the problem of pesky deadlines, old frenemies that I don’t need and a ghost. Maybe two. 

Seriously, how do I get myself into these things?!


When a newly bonded Storm Submissive Violet Morgane agrees to a guest-speaking gig by request of her publisher, the trip-off realm brings a host of new problems to the surface.


Between her fraying nerves, mysterious attacks on festival-goers and a strangely familiar ghost, Violet, Cypher and Oscar are in for a wild ride. 

Can they unravel this new mystery together?

Harvest Hollow is Book 2 in the Haunted Hearts Series!


She just wanted the pain to stop—not to be flung across the realms to find them herself!

Auriel's dragel inheritance is causing problems of the soulmate kind. Her mother insists on multiple Healers and Auriel endures their combined attention throughout a complicated spell. She is unprepared for the healing ritual to fling her from the safety of her home realm, into the wildness of Orusia. 

Cold water and Fire Elementals do not mix. Oops. Auriel's in for a wild ride in the confusing chaos of Orusia. Can she find her soulmates before things get worse? Or will Orusia swallow her along with her unknown future?

Welcome To Orusia is Book 1 in the Beyond This Realm Series, featuring a Fire-heavy dragel Circle and eventual soulmates-to-lovers. 


az·ure spi·ral

/ˈaZHər spīrəl/


The afterimage from a powerful Merrow spell, usually cast by a Merrow with significant magical ability. The brighter and more complex the spiral, the more powerful the spell and the Merrow.

Caiden's peaceful workday is interrupted by a soulcry outside of Nevarah. He never expected his future soulmate to be off-realm and in such dire straits to call to his soul. Upon arrival, Caiden's shocked to find Lucien close to death and surrounded by land, if he doesn't work quickly all will be lost.  

Lucien's final wish brings salvation in the form of a strange, handsome man with blue eyes and blue scaled-skin. His mysterious savior seems desperate to keep him awake and coherent, even though his will to live is fading away. 

Accepting Caiden's offer can change everything—if he's brave enough to take a chance.

Call To Water is Book 1 in the Azure Spiral Series!


Two runaway sisters. One odd Merrow Couple. A hidden conspiracy of creature hunters...

Sold to creature hunters by her new foster family, Aida seizes the first chance at escape when stealing her new little sister, Keely. She knows nothing about her creature roots, but a caged life is too much to bear.

Rushing along the water’s edge, she stumbles into their unlikely rescuers in the strangest way. The water holds secrets, but maybe some of them should’ve stayed buried…

Giving into her Merrow instincts might help, but will she sink or swim?

Aida's Hope is Book 2 in the Lost Children of The Merrow Series!


One parched Merrow. One Protective Bodyguard. A hidden conspiracy of creature hunters...

Mira's wish is to survive the next tour of The Bubblegum Babes. 


Her true wish is buried deep under old memories and deep wounds. Her heart craves home, the water, and her Merrow roots—if only she dared to return and maybe with her handsome hunk of a bodyguard along for the ride. If only there wasn't someone threatening her bandmate on top of that stupid beach house. 


How is she supposed to ignore the water when it's so close? 

Mira's Wish is Book 1 in the Lost Children of The Merrow Series!


One Empath Submissive. Several Cursed Swords. One orphaned teenager in need of a home...

Maury’s Empath senses lead his Circle to rescue a fragile teen boy, as they try to regroup and decide the boy’s fate, Maury can’t help but be drawn towards him. It’s not just his Empathy reaching out, it’s something deeper. 

Can they risk adding a child to their dangerous lifestyle? Or is it best to just hand him over to the Healers and be done with it?

Episode 1 of  A Tender Light, is the first in a new Gheyo-centric Series, featuring the Ryker's Bane Circle!


One dark past. One Reluctant Heroine. 

Helping Zoe Caranthe is a favor Saera can't refuse. Old debts are resurfacing and she can't outrun them again. Caught between fragile new friendships and increasingly dangerous assignments, Saera teeters on the edge of a fractured past that could ruin everything. Between old memories, Zoe’s schemes and Soula's awkward attempts at courtship, her instincts flip to survival mode. Accepting Soula might be the anchor she craves, but can she risk her heart one more time? 


For Soula, playing with time is getting risky. Especially when she can't get Saera out of her mind—or her heart. When Saera's unexpected guest becomes a volatile variable, there's too many unexpected horrors. Bonding with Orion hasn't solved any of the problems she'd expected and Saera is the grounding influence she needs. 

Can she balance a reluctant courtship before her time-manipulation unravels them both?


One castle. Two dragels. Add ghosts. Oops...

Vacation in a gorgeous castle off-realm? Yes! Cute ghost hunter dragel Alpha? Absolutely! Actual ghosts lurking about the castle? This is NOT what I signed up for. 


It was just a little writer's block. Nothing an off-realm vacation couldn't cure in a week or so. I'm supposed to be tanning in the garden, not seeing ghosts in my room, in the kitchen and in my dreams. There's something wrong at Castle Helios and Cypher Kadel might be the ghost hunter to help with it, if we could just catch a break. 


I seriously think I need a refund...




When a burned out Storm Submissive meets a ghost hunter Shadow Alpha, their private worlds collide in a ghostly turn of events. The old secrets in Castle Helios hide a tragic history and uncovering the truth may lead to something more sinister than they can imagine. 


Dare they trust their eyes? Or their hearts? 


Slow-burn Why Choose PNR featuring ghostly mysteries and lonely hearts finding their way to each other.


One soulcry. One answer. One twisted timeline.

Soula Deveraine wants to make the most of her Second Hunt. It’s been ten years since the last disaster and this year, she’s determined to court or be courted. When she stumbles into a kidnapping gone wrong, she awakens a decades-old feud between the Deveraine and Vaughn Clans. Her bad luck continues with a rejected Soulbond, a mysterious cursed diary and the handsome Orion Kuroe who doesn’t fit any of her daydreams. Can she survive the danger—or worse, the heartbreak?


Orion Kuroe isn’t looking for love anywhere—he doesn’t have the time or heart to spare. His latest clue is a cursed diary with vital information to his inter-realm investigation. Translating it is top priority, but he isn’t prepared for the translator to be gorgeous trouble-magnet Soula Deveraine. He needs her help, he doesn’t want her heart—but is that choice really up to him?


Sands of Time is a slow-burn RH adventure with a hint of romance and plenty of fantastical magic. Is your heart ready? 

Available in Print and Digital form. Purchase the paperback through Amazon and get the ebook version FREE through kindle Matchbook! 

Sands of Time is available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iBooks and more!

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Tara Vaughn doesn't care which brat she kidnaps. As long as it gets their attention, any child will do, especially Soula, daughter of the famous Blood Title Warrior, Ilsa Gorgens. With the famous sword, Lady Arsenic in hand, the Deveraines won't stand a chance...


Aracle Deveraine answers the distress call, only to discover a bloodbath at Tara's hideaway. He's prepared to unravel everything to save his Circle, but accepting the very thing he's been avoiding might be the only way out. 

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Tara's Terror (Soula Prequel)
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