One Festival. Three dragels. Add ghosts. Oops...

Amazing new Alpha and Beta? Yes. Editing deadline for my newly accepted project? A pain, but worth it! Being volunteered as a replacement guest-speaker at an off-realm storytelling festival? No, thank you

It was supposed to be a simple lecture with the promise of a good writing atmosphere and paid rooms for the entirety of the festival. There’s the just the problem of pesky deadlines, old frenemies that I don’t need and a ghost. Maybe two. 

Seriously, how do I get myself into these things?!


When a newly bonded Storm Submissive Violet Morgane agrees to a guest-speaking gig by request of her publisher, the trip-off realm brings a host of new problems to the surface.


Between her fraying nerves, mysterious attacks on festival-goers and a strangely familiar ghost, Violet, Cypher and Oscar are in for a wild ride. 

Can they unravel this new mystery together?

Harvest Hollow is Book 2 in the Haunted Hearts Series!


One parched Merrow. One Protective Bodyguard. A hidden conspiracy of creature hunters...

Mira's wish is to survive the next tour of The Bubblegum Babes. 


Her true wish is buried deep under old memories and deep wounds. Her heart craves home, the water, and her Merrow roots—if only she dared to return and maybe with her handsome hunk of a bodyguard along for the ride. If only there wasn't someone threatening her bandmate on top of that stupid beach house. 


How is she supposed to ignore the water when it's so close? 

Mira's Wish is Book 1 in the Lost Children of The Merrow Series!


One dark past. One Reluctant Heroine. 

Helping Zoe Caranthe is a favor Saera can't refuse. Old debts are resurfacing and she can't outrun them again. Caught between fragile new friendships and increasingly dangerous assignments, Saera teeters on the edge of a fractured past that could ruin everything. Between old memories, Zoe’s schemes and Soula's awkward attempts at courtship, her instincts flip to survival mode. Accepting Soula might be the anchor she craves, but can she risk her heart one more time? 


For Soula, playing with time is getting risky. Especially when she can't get Saera out of her mind—or her heart. When Saera's unexpected guest becomes a volatile variable, there's too many unexpected horrors. Bonding with Orion hasn't solved any of the problems she'd expected and Saera is the grounding influence she needs. 

Can she balance a reluctant courtship before her time-manipulation unravels them both?


One castle. Two dragels. Add ghosts. Oops...

Vacation in a gorgeous castle off-realm? Yes! Cute ghost hunter dragel Alpha? Absolutely! Actual ghosts lurking about the castle? This is NOT what I signed up for. 


It was just a little writer's block. Nothing an off-realm vacation couldn't cure in a week or so. I'm supposed to be tanning in the garden, not seeing ghosts in my room, in the kitchen and in my dreams. There's something wrong at Castle Helios and Cypher Kadel might be the ghost hunter to help with it, if we could just catch a break. 


I seriously think I need a refund...




When a burned out Storm Submissive meets a ghost hunter Shadow Alpha, their private worlds collide in a ghostly turn of events. The old secrets in Castle Helios hide a tragic history and uncovering the truth may lead to something more sinister than they can imagine. 


Dare they trust their eyes? Or their hearts? 


Slow-burn Why Choose PNR featuring ghostly mysteries and lonely hearts finding their way to each other.


One soulcry. One answer. One twisted timeline.

Soula Deveraine wants to make the most of her Second Hunt. It’s been ten years since the last disaster and this year, she’s determined to court or be courted. When she stumbles into a kidnapping gone wrong, she awakens a decades-old feud between the Deveraine and Vaughn Clans. Her bad luck continues with a rejected Soulbond, a mysterious cursed diary and the handsome Orion Kuroe who doesn’t fit any of her daydreams. Can she survive the danger—or worse, the heartbreak?


Orion Kuroe isn’t looking for love anywhere—he doesn’t have the time or heart to spare. His latest clue is a cursed diary with vital information to his inter-realm investigation. Translating it is top priority, but he isn’t prepared for the translator to be gorgeous trouble-magnet Soula Deveraine. He needs her help, he doesn’t want her heart—but is that choice really up to him?


Sands of Time is a slow-burn RH adventure with a hint of romance and plenty of fantastical magic. Is your heart ready? 

Available in Print and Digital form. Purchase the paperback through Amazon and get the ebook version FREE through kindle Matchbook! 

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Tara Vaughn doesn't care which brat she kidnaps. As long as it gets their attention, any child will do, especially Soula, daughter of the famous Blood Title Warrior, Ilsa Gorgens. With the famous sword, Lady Arsenic in hand, the Deveraines won't stand a chance...


Aracle Deveraine answers the distress call, only to discover a bloodbath at Tara's hideaway. He's prepared to unravel everything to save his Circle, but accepting the very thing he's been avoiding might be the only way out. 

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Tara's Terror (Soula Prequel)

2021 Release Schedule

Coming in Spring/Summer 2021

  • The Haunting of Harvest Hollow (Available Now!) 

  • The Dragel's Song (Episode #9) - June 2021 release

  • Cursed Arts #1 (Remington LaRurente Series) - Fall 2021

  • Shifting Sands (Soula Deveraine Book #3)


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