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Reading Order /Timelines

The Dragel World is fantastical and never-ending—with dozens of timelines and little pockets of adventure in between of everything*. 

Check-in with the reading list to see where series overlap or your favorite characters interact!

List is updated when new series are released. 

*While all series can be read out of order, character overlap will make more sense if read in order. 


Set in the time of King Edgar (EARTH) and Queen Arista (AIR), the Ryker's Bane adventures follow the chaos of the Rykber's Bane Military Circle featuring Maurice Elswood and his Shadow Alpha, Ryuusen Hino. 

Together, they work to uncover dark veins of corruption to make Nevarah and its sister realms, a safe haven for those seeking sanctuary. Along the way, they rescue an orphan, Ian. 

tags: angst with happy endings, found family, snark is a love language, dark themes



Set during the reign of the Merrow King Alcandor and his Merrow Court, Azure Spiral follows the soft, sweet romance of Merrow Alpha Caiden and Rescued Merrow Submissive Lucian. 

It follows their meeting, bonding and adventures together in the Merrow Waters as they try to track down clues to Lucian's past, while dealing with Caiden's responsibilities in the Merrow Courts.

tags: soft romance, fluffy moments, slow-burn romance, hidden pasts and secrets coming to light



Still within the reign of Merrow King Alcandor, LCOTM focuses on different Merrows stranded across the realms and struggling to find their way back to Nevarah or connecting with their fellow Merrow. 

Each installment features a different Merrow with different abilities, transformations and hidden pasts, all trying to survive. Characters from previous books will appear, sometimes with a time-skip, sometimes not. 

tags: angst with a happy ending, dark themes, trafficking, poachers, creature hunters, mentions of torture/gore, Merrow are vicious, Merrow Lore, Merrow Culture



Dahlia Deveraine's story takes place on that fateful Hunt ten years before Soula's story in Sands of Time. It picks up from the aftermath of her public soulscream with Shayla Imaldis and follows the subsequent bonding and journey of her changed status and fate. 

Each installment features a different piece of the story arc and highlights a different Bonded, Dahlia, Shayla and Dyshoka learn to work with each other and adjust to the chaos of a large soul-bonded Circle. Characters from previous books will appear, sometimes with a time-skip, sometimes not. 

tags: angst with a happy ending, fluffy moments, soft love, dangerous adventures, cursed lore, Nevarean Customs, soulmates, Circle Dynamics and logistics, deepening love, Circle bonds, learning to trust each other.



Set within the reign of Merrow King Alcandor and during the second royals, King Raspen, Queen Dawne, etc, Soula's series falls ten years after the TBDH fic and can be read without referencing it. Soula's story focuses on Soulmates and the intricacies of soulbonds, including the consequences of rejection. 

Each novel focuses on a different soulmate and Soula as they navigate their feelings for each other and the reactions to the soulbond, while a darkened mystery unravels in the background. 

tags: angst and fluffy, eventual happy ending, feels, all the feels, slow-burn romance, love hurts, love heals, mentions of torture/gore, dark themes, trafficking, death, supportive family, all kinds of magic



Set Ten Years after the Soula Deveraine Series, the HH world still features mentions of King Raspen and Queen Dawne as the current royals. HH can be read without referencing SOT, as it focuses solely on a Circle that exists on the fringes of Nevarah without delving into the deeper conflicts happening at the time. 

Each novel focuses on writer Violet Morgane and the paranormal adventures she stumbles into after meeting and Bonding to her triad. Ghosts and spooky encounters abound as Violet and her Circle travel through the realms solving one ghostly mystery after another. 

tags: ghosts, supernatural encounters, dragel dynamics, soft love, lots of fluff, lots of spookiness, happy endings



Set one century after Haunted Hearts, TDS focuses on the other-realm adventures of Neilson Hewitt happening outside of Nevarah during the royal transition between King Raspen and the next Earth King.

Each episode focuses on Neilson Hewitt, an orphaned dragel in the Veridae Realm, discovering his dragel inheritance an the inevitable chaos following that discovery. It follows Neil and his two best friends as they navigate new creature inheritances and the problems that arise from them. There is a heavy focus on friendships, found family and Neil learning to look after himself. 

tags: found family, surprise! you're a dragel, slow-burn romance, friends can be family, angst and fluff, drama, eventual happy ending, mysterious encounters, all kinds of adventures



Set in the time of the royals transitioning, BTR focuses more on the Fire conflicts and the Fire-Royals transitioning happening in the background of Auriel's adventure. 

Each installment focuses on Auriel learning more about her mysterious Bonded and the horrifying truth behind Orusia and its inhabitants. Auriel gradually connects with each of her Bonded and learns how to be there for them, as well as letting them be there for her. 

tags: short tempers, lots of fire magic, different realms, another soulmate story, angst and fluff, lots of drama, eventual happy ending, angst with a happy ending, different kinds of magic, reluctant lovers, dark pasts, dark themes



Set over a century after Soula Deveraine's adventures, The Cursed Bookstore features the adventures in curse-breaking and mysterious magical investigations by a triad on the run. 

Each installment focuses on a different curse or magical mishap with the main triad taking turns in the spotlight as they grow together and learn to how to live again, after a lifetime of running and hiding. 

tags: slight mentions of gore/blood, ghostly deaths, evil curses, cursed objects, grumpy Bonded, hurt/comfort, different kinds of magic, mentions of demons and a one-braincell-trio

Enjoy the read!

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