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The Dragel's Song | Neilson Hewitt Series


The Dragel's Song Series is currently available in EBOOK and PRINT.


The Dragel's Song (Episode One)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Two)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Three)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Four)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Five)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Six)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Seven)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Eight)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Nine)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Ten)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Eleven)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Twelve)


(Season 1 is now available as a boxed set)


The Dragel's Song (Episode Thirteen)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Fourteen)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Fifteen)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Sixteen)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Seventeen)

The Dragel's Song (Episode Eighteen-TBA)

Season 1 - episodes 1-12 


Neilson Hewitt has the worst kind of luck in the realms. Sometimes, it's not entirely bad, but when it turns, it SUCKS. 

His life at Noir Academy is about to change from calm and busy, to crazy and chaotic! Will he survive the semester? Better yet, will he survive turning into a dragel? 

From a crazy new creature inheritance—what do you mean I'm an extinct dragon?!—to handsome students that are WAY out of my league, and magic is suddenly NOT WORKING—I've more problems than sanity. 

Season 1 container books 1 thru 12, perfect for binge-reading! Season two begins with Episode 13 and is currently ongoing. 

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode One)


Neilson Hewitt thought his final year at Noir Academy would be quiet and relatively stress-free. He was wrong. From an ancient creature inheritance, to the sudden loss of his magic, Neilson is in for a wild ride as he tries to come to terms with something he never imagined.


SERIES INFO: The Dragel's Song is a slow-burn, M/M RH adventure with a hint of romance and plenty of fantastical magic. Features some angst and some fluff. First 4 episodes are FREE to read.

Available on Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes and B&N

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode Two)


Neilson Hewitt thought claws, wings and running into Benjamin Carlson couldn't make his life any worse than it already was. Then his fangs came in and the new Magical Arts teacher hates him and he meets a young stranger wandering through Noir Academy at the end of the day. How screwed up can his life get before it starts to improve?


Available on Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes and B&N

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode Three)


Neilson Hewitt has the weirdest luck in all the realms. He discovers there's more to Calida than meets the eye, when Dexter Baronsworth comes to fetch him for a private meeting. Neil's in for a crash-course on everything dragel as he meets the Baronsworth Circle. If his luck holds, the Baronsworth Circle will be powerful allies. If it doesn't--there's no way he'll survive this year.

Available on Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes and B&N

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode FOUR)


Neilson Hewitt's weird luck has landed him in a series of awkward, ridiculous situations--again. The Baronsworth Circle has may be on his side for now, but it seems as if Headmaster Grond, is not. It also seems like Calida's Gheyo Ace, has taken a distinct dislike to him--much along the same lines as Terius. More than instinct is at play though, as Neil meets the rest of Calida's Circle and even manages to stumble into a private moment with Benjamin Carson. It's certainly going to be a full day.

Available on Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes and B&N

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode five)


Neilson Hewitt is in for a busy day. From a coworker’s strange behavior to the arrival of one handsome Spencer Norton, Neil’s hands are full. Adding Elyenka’s complications to the mix doesn’t improve anything, when it becomes clear that her personal crisis has more at stake than her initial explanation.


Can Neil find the strength to stand strong for his friends? What about himself? 

Available on Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes and B&N

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode six)


Neil's newest challenge comes in the form of a grumpy new supervisor and a troublesome magical seal that nearly burns him alive. Between his recovering magic and the unexpected friendship of the Baronsworth Circle, he's still got to balance his student life and part-time job. Oops.


Looks like it's gonna be a full day! 

Available on Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes and B&N

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode SEVEN)


Neil's recent a sigil-removal has left him disoriented and exhausted.


From Elyenka's mysterious glitch with her Silvertongue gift and the mention of the Cunningham's arriving on Veridae, Neil's going to need a lot more sleep to keep up with things. 


Will he make it through another week or will his crazy luck turn sour?

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode eight)


The Headmaster's shocking news leaves Neil confused and frustrated about his future and current scholarship student status. A personal advisor assigned by Noir Academy? Not likely!


Neil's worries continue when and a mysterious incident takes place between classes, tripping his protective instincts.


Can he trust them?

Better yet—should he?

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode nine


Neil sets out to find more information on his mysteriously missing mentor and ends up with more questions instead. When he winds up on the Baronsworths’ doorstep (again!), they share an important bit of news on the Cunninghams. 

There’s something bigger lurking behind the scenes and Neil isn’t sure how much of that he wants to unravel. Especially with the troublesome new face at work. Greyson is hard to read and his questions are even harder to answer. 

Should he even try? 

Or will his answers cause more complications?

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode ten)


Neil's got too much on his mind from the series of revelations dropped on his young shoulders.


From trying to keep his Dragel Inheritance hidden, to helping Elyenka with her weird Silvertongue gift and figuring out how the Baronsworths' are going to fit into his new life—his claws are full! 

It's too much to balance and something's going to give—soon.

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode eleven)


Neilson Hewitt's big dragel secret is out to his best friends, Kendall and Elyenka. His wings gave him away, but one revealed secret isn't enough to turn his life back to normal. 

Ben Carlson's investigation at his father's request, draws to a close at the end of a long day. Lurking in the locker rooms and eavesdropping on conversations leaves more questions than answers. 

As they struggle to sort out new information with new experiences, it's clear that there's more going on beneath the surface than either of them know.

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode Twelve)


A simple stroll turns into a minor crisis when Elyenka’s reaction to her Silvertongue gift has Neil rushing her to the MedBay. His attempt to use a Blood Sigil backfires as his lack of magic twists the sigil written with her blood. 

Between his latest revelation, the complications of his changing student status and the cryptic bits of information from the Baronsworths, Neil’s running out of time to piece the clues together.


He’s on the verge of a discovery—but will he last long enough to see it?

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode thirteen)


Neil would like to get out of Medbay, but Healer Landon has some very specific questions for him. Yenka is missing and things are getting complicated.


While Ben manages to squeeze in a check-up of his own with Healer Landon, Renee and Dexter slip out to do a bit of investigating. There's something going on with the Cunninghams' and the entire episode in the hallway. 

Can they find out what really happened with Neil’s Blood Sigil attempt? Or is there something more sinister at play in the shadows?

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode fourteen)


Neil suffers through the consequences of an improper Blood Magic spell cast, enduring the necessary, but reluctant help from Healer Landon. Spencer and Kendall hover anxiously, as Healer Landon works to save Neil’s hands and shares some startling news as well. 

Unable to stay in the Medbay with him, Dexter and Renee hurry home with news of their investigative side trip. Something dark and dangerous is in Noir Academy—and it’s starting to show at the corners. 

Will Neil be able to protect himself and his friends? Or will one mistake cost him everything?

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode fifteen)


Neil does not want to be involved with those creepy shadows and whatever else is running rampant through Noir Academy.


He does want to spend more time with Ben Carlson who has a habit of showing up right when he needs an extra hand.


His bad days always take a turn for the worst, but this is a whole new level of frustration!


Can he pull himself out of this mess? Or will he need help from Ben? Or worse, the Baronsworths?

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode sixteen)


Meet Ben's Third? Check. Successfully avoid using Blood Magic? Check. Get stuck between an impossible task and the only way out of Carlson penthouse? Double check!


Neil just wants to make it through the day, and maybe the rest of the semester. That's it. Really.


But it seems that other forces wish to have a say and what he wants isn't going to be what he's hoping for...

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode seventeen)


Neil struggles to wrap his head around everything happening with the Carlsons' and the Grimfellow attack on the station. As Healer Landon helps him heal, it seems larger stakes are now at hand.


Mariana and her illustrious Circle continue their strange hunt for the mysterious being hidden in the station, but each new discovery paints their quarry in a disturbing light.


With Claudia's worries bringing new threats to the surface, it's clear that Neil will have to find a way to get to safety. Will Ben help? Or will other options override his precarious situation?

Episode 17 is part of the second season of The Dragel's Song, featuring episodic installments of an epic fantasy adventure that spans across realms as three lonely hearts learn to find love and build a future. 

The Dragel's Song : Neilson Hewitt (Episode eighte)

Soula Deveraine _ Book Two-2.png

Neilson Hewitt's weird luck will never fail him...

To be released on Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes and B&N

Character cards & series extras!



Neilson Hewitt is a foster kid in the Federation system on Veridae, currently holding onto his current way of life via a special scholarship. 

His life turns upside down when a creature inheritance changes everything...

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